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My favorite kind of photos

I love taking pictures of my babies. Any kind really - staged pictures in matching outfits, snapshots of naked messy kids relaxing at home, action shots at the park, anything. Memories are so important to me and I direct my whole life on making memories and sharing them. I want my children to have so many happy and crazy memories when they get older to look back on.
Photographs are such a huge part of that.
My absolute favorite kind of pictures are the ones I get when my kids are just being themselves, action shots. They make the best examples of fun memories and I will never have enough of them. They show my kids giggling, running, jumping, sharing, hugging and even falling sometimes. These pictures don't always turn out perfect, most of the time a hand will be blurry or their feet mushed together. They don't always show the perfect smile or the cutest angle.. but when you look back at books full of these adorable photos you are instantly taken back to the day they went down …

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